Linen Scarf Orange Shades – Women’s Long Pure Linen Orange Scarf


Eye-catching, long pure linen scarf for women in shades of orange


Women will love this pure linen scarf in orange shades.  The ‘Decor’ long length pure linen scarf comes in shades of orange and makes a great women’s fashion accessory gift.

This pure linen scarf brings pleasure to women due to its eye-catching tassel decor detail and stunning colours.  The fetching, soft, feminine look is created by the gorgeous colour combination of varying, complimentary shades of orange.

This scarf is made of pure linen and is 200cm long and 50cm wide (six feet long and nearly two feet wide).  Women’s scarves are a popular fashion accessory due to the variety of ways in which they can be worn.

Get all the benefits linen can offer by wearing this cool and natural stylish material.  Linen holds colours well and allows light through to enhance the look of the cloth.  These beautiful long linen scarves can be worn in a variety of styles.

Linen Scarf Orange Shades Gift for Women – Different Ways to Wear These Pure Linen Scarves

These gorgeous long linen scarves make a welcome gift and can be worn in a variety of different ways.  Choose a new and different look.  Buyers can choose from 13 different ways to wear these lovely linen scarf gifts here.  The french knot is always a classic choice for knotting a scarf, as is the knotted necklace and the necklace.  Creative women cultivating a different look will may consider other knot styles for their linen fashion scarf gift .  The double-sided twist is an unusual look, as is the classic wrap.  Alternatively, buyers can create a cozy or plain neck wrap with attractive front tails.  Big enough to used a shawl, women will wear these pure linen scarf gifts in a variety of loops, classic, or double.  Explore 12 different illustrated ways to wear these wonderful linen scarves using the link provided or go for the traditional classic pull through.

These long length pure linen ‘Decor’ scarves are available in a number of different colour combinations suited to all types of colouring – blue and gold, green and lilac, shades of orange and cream and rose.