Personalised Perfect Pet Dinosaur Book


Children love dinosaurs and this personalised Perfect Pet Dinosaur book written in rhyme featuring the child’s name on the front cover and within the story makes a superb gift.  Add a personal message to the lucky child to make it extra special. Available in hardback or softback and can be packaged in a cream presentation box for just £5 extra.


Personalised Perfect Pet Dinosaur Book

This brilliant children’s dinosaur book will help a dinosaur-enthusiast child choose which dinosaur would make the best pet.  Told in rhyme and personalised for your chosen child, this rhyming story book will tell you which dinosaurs you definitely should not get! Your child’s name appears throughout the text of the story, worked into the fun rhymes and is also cleverly incorporated into the illustrations too. This book includes fun facts about dinosaurs along with the educational story, the perfect gift for a dino-mad child. Your personal message to them can also be added to the opening page of this innovative, popular dinosaur book.

Would you choose a brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, pterodactyl, plesiosaurus, tyrannosaurus-rex or triceratops as your pefect pet dinosaur?  This fun-filled, personalised, rhyming dinosaur book will inform, educate and entertain a young dinosaur enthusiast.  The gift will be made extra special by the child finding their own name on the front cover and throughout the text as if taking part in the dinosaur book story.

Personalising the Perfect Pet Dinosaur Book

When ordering, please enter the child’s name in the box provided up to a maximum of 12 characters including spaces (letters and spaces added together).  Then please add your personal message to the fortunate recipient.  Your message can be up to two lines, each line with a maximum of 40 characters including spaces.  Boxes to enter the child’s name and your personal message are provided during the order procees.  The child’s name will be added to the front cover of this great fun dinosaur book and your chosen personal message will feature on the first facing face of the dinosaur book contents.  This colourful, innovative, rhyming story book makes a memorable personalised book gift which will be kept and treasured.  The gift can be made touchingly personal by the additional of your chosen message.

Available in hard back or softback, and to make this gift extra-special, buyers can order a beautiful cream presentation gift box for an extra £5.

All children who adore dinosaurs will be thrilled to get their own personalised dinosaur book featuring their name on the cover and within the pages.

The name and message will be printed exactly as entered, so do please check them carefully for accuracy, correct spelling and correct punctuation.  Sorry but special characters cannot be accommodated.