Graduation Gifts Personalised for 1st. Class StudentsPersonalised graduation gifts for degree students

Choosing great graduation gifts is easy at Gift City UK.  The whole family is incredibly proud of my nephew who was recently awarded a first class masters degree in pharmacy at Bath University.  His extremely proud Mum was reportedly elbowing people aside at the Graduation Ceremony to ensure she got the best photos of their much-loved honours student son in gown and hat receiving his degree.  A family get-together was planned to give doting aunts and uncles a chance to add their praise and, of course, we had to think about presenting a small graduation gift to celebrate this memorable achievement.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I put together a note highlighting some of the great graduation gifts available from in the hope of boosting sales within the family.  Then, I thought there might be others looking for ways to make the graduation of a family member or friend more special by giving a memorable graduation gift.  Clearly, the option to give a personalised graduation gift to mark the students award of a degree is a great way to ensure the gift is extra-special.

Personalised Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and Wine Gifts to Celebrate a Student’s Degree

graduation gifts personalised champagneWe chose to give a personalised bottle of champagne which was well-received and wasn’t even drunk on the night… It’s been taken away to be kept as a memento!  If Champagne is not your thing, there are personalised graduation gifts of prosecco, cava, red wine and white wine.   I was very tempted by the pewter figurines on a wooden plinth to which an engraved message can be added and which are available as  a female figurine and also a male statuette.  They seem quite grand and have a certain gravitas.

Personalised Graduation Gifts of Teddy Bears, Mugs, Candles and Morepersonalised graduation gifts teddy bears in a tin

If on a more limited budget but wanting an equally welcome graduation gift, there is a personalised graduation teddy bear in a tin for £16.99 and also a personalised teddy bear in a tin keyring for £12.99. These make fabulous, cuddly, cute presents for students who are celebrating getting their hard-earned degrees.

With personalised graduation gifts including latte coffee mugs at £12.99, wine glasses at just £9.99, chilli and bubble graduation champagne flutes at £9.99 and even graduation candles also only at £9.99, there truly is a memorable graduation gift for every pocket.

For loads more choice, a broad selection of over 160 personalised gifts for graduation and other occasions can be found here.